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Main Stories in the Series So Far. The following John Argo DarkSF/SH novels are available, with more to come. These are "original, fresh, and imaginative" creations (terms applied in a 2003 Library Journal review to his DarkSF novel Robinson Crusoe 1,000,000 A.D.).

John Argo. On this website, the author explains his original creations, and speaks of his favorite books and films. You'll gain a deeper understanding of such works as Lantern Road, Nebula Express, Monopol City, and many others. You'll also learn about the larger framework for John Argo's Empire of Time saga (more info soon). The author is also developing web real estate for his DarkSF and other series and novels. Once you understand an author, there really is no such thing as a stand-alone; typically, all of an author's works are linked together by a vision larger than any single work.